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Forbidden Arms: Bloodlust

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If the game does not load or gives you black screen after pressing the correct start button, it is a browser issue.


Or you can just download the exe link here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tk456umyddhyhv2/AABNbPQAs_CFbcLN28D2VOEwa?dl=0

The action continues..?

Forbidden Arms: Bloodlust is a wank n' coom spiritual successor to the original Forbidden Arms and is an indirect sequel.

This alpha gameplay demo has 4 lewd scenes and will be updated next time with Godot Engine.

For now, this is the final flash of development for us.





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Nice challenging game. I reckon the hard boss is a bit of a sponge even whilst hitting the horn though. Maybe put the health so that after 5-8 air lightning ball thing + air f slash it would die? (That was the strat I used, dunno if there's a better one) It was a pain but lewd 4 was unlocked in the end. Oh right, and the porn was pretty good too.

vipervgames responds:

the projectiles are also a good sub for the horns. Anyway, the Godot version is out but the boss ain't yet and i'm currently working on it, but it will definitely be adjusted.

Pretty, very impressive animation, but it's like moving through quicksand and this game really needs to be responsive. I think you should have ported it before showing this off, there might be less lag, and its controller support would have helped

vipervgames responds:

had to do the prototype on flash while getting confident coding in Godot. Thanks and be sure to try the 1.8 coming in a few days!

the game is pretty hard at first, but once you learn the controls and figure out the strategies, it's a pretty good game. I think this type of game though pisses a lot of people off because its hard to play with one hand. Honestly, this doesn't seem like a porn game, and the mechanics I think would be fun if you found a way to advance the bosses. As for the actual porn, its pretty well animated, though the advancing scenes are kind of basic (still good, just plain). The only issues I have with this game is that as a porn game. its pretty daunting at first, but if you play first, then use it as a porn game, you should enjoy the experience mostly. The other issue is the lag, but as long as you don't spam click and mash the buttons, you should be fine mostly.

vipervgames responds:

i've taken care of the lag in the Godot version! also, it's on 1080p!

Yo, Ninja Gaiden, I play porn games to masturbate not to hone my fucking razor battle instincts. You can ease up on the difficulty. You need perfect controls if you want such dodgey, reactive combat. Instead I'm getting three different flavors of 'can't move for whatever reason' while the orc winds up for the one hit kill. The healing move is unreliable and there's no other way to recover health. The roll is, of course, unreliable and half the time it hurls you in the opposite direction you're trying to go, if it doesn't just fail to go off for no reason. Having it take the place of jump in midair is just, pointlessly confusing and I'd rather have a decent airdodge anyway. The animations are nice but god almighty it's too much work and they're just not worth it. And why is my damage varying so wildly even when I'm hitting the horn? Sometimes big chunks will vanish but other times i'm just beating my face against a wall.

vipervgames responds:

git gud or play the godot version. just search it, Leonardo.

Lovely game.

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2020
7:48 AM EDT