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Forbidden Arms: Bloodlust

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If the game does not load or gives you black screen after pressing the correct start button, it is a browser issue.


Or you can just download the exe link here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tk456umyddhyhv2/AABNbPQAs_CFbcLN28D2VOEwa?dl=0

The action continues..?

Forbidden Arms: Bloodlust is a wank n' coom spiritual successor to the original Forbidden Arms and is an indirect sequel.

This alpha gameplay demo has 4 lewd scenes and will be updated next time with Godot Engine.

For now, this is the final flash of development for us.





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Great game. Was able to finish everything, it gave me a bit of a challenge but I still managed to beat the hard boss. Ero scenes were well animated and very smooth with pretty much spot on realistic movement which you can typically see in real life sex but I have a question tho. Is the scenes really stuck at low resolution? Cuz when I'm on full screen and there's no Anti-aliasing whatsoever. The controls were pretty clunky to get a hang on at first but once I got the few repeatable move sets I needed it was enough for me to clear both bosses. Fighting animation pretty dope aswell. My only problem is that when fighting i get these huge lag spikes and I don't know if its from the computer/engine/the game itself. Anyways looking forward to the development of this game and the whole Divine Arms series aswell.

Considering how delayed some moves can be, especially dodging.. The boss does waaaay too much damage. It's incredibly unforgiving. That would be fine if you could animation cancel at any point during your attacks but once you start attacking, you're locked in to the animation. It's just not a very satisfying experience trying to work around that.

I read some comments talking about how the combat is bad. I think the combat is okay as it is (in fact, given how big the hitboxes are and how much the character can move while she attacks, I think her attacks are quite powerful). There is some button mashing involved if you air juggle a lot, but most of the time you shouldn't need to click that quickly since air juggling sucks; just stick to the ground and you'll actually deal more damage.

The only glaring issue is the lag (which is caused by the flash port so it should be fine); otherwise this game would be a 5/5 for me.

The animation is very smooth and clean.

I didn't really have an issue with invulnerability frames or whatnot with the boss, even on very hard. If I needed an on-the-ground invulnerability frame, I could dodge. If I needed it in the air, I could activate my special attack with F. I took the boss down using a cautious approach of using the ranged bloodlust attack to hit the horn (which is much safer than air juggling his horn). This, together with the healing ability and making sure I have enough bloodlust to avoid draining my HP, made the boss pretty manageable (aside from the times when I get killed because of the lag). For racking up additional damage, I simply activated my special near the horn and used the down air special on the boss when he's vulnerable to make him go down faster.

Dodging on the ground worked fine as it is, as the boss had pretty clear telegraphing to make sure you know what attack was coming up next. Sometimes you didn't even need to dodge; you just needed to move-attack past the boss to side-step his attack.

The only annoyance was that I couldn't activate the healing ability while in the air, because it gets replaced with this lightning orb ability.

I would've preferred a sprint option, but the game mechanic of attacking to move more quickly might've been intentional; if so, then that is fine as it is.

I think the game is pretty good as it is (unless you were hoping for more nudity during the combat, but that is out of the scope of this comment lol). Although there isn't much incentive for the player to leave the ground. In this case, the idea of making the horn the weak point of the boss was an excellent design decision.

1. Air juggling is currently pretty weak (as opposed to landing ground hits). It does has its uses, so I don't think it's a big issue, but it's simply not comparable to just hitting the enemy on the ground. Go to training mode and see how quickly you can kill a mob with ground strikes, as opposed to air juggling.

2. The air special attacks are all quite situational, because they are weaker than their ground special counterparts. Lightning ball is situational, and the down air and front air attacks are both lacking in range, which make them quite situational as well (i.e. only good for hitting the boss' horn). The up air special offers great mobility, but that trade-off to make that worth it is situational. I don't know if this is a design decision, but there isn't much incentive for a player to jump.

Regardless, combat is still very satisfying in its current state.

Overall, a pretty good demo and I look forward to the game. I don't know why things went the way it did with Divine Arms, but imo I wouldn't want a repeat scenario of excessive fine-tuning/revamping the game mechanics until the actual game doesn't get completed.

Great concept with intuitive controls. I'm waiting for optimalization, coz now I'm getting early release of Cyberpunk vibes

Lol the chugging makes the game unplayable