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Old animation tests

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Two tests which I made back in 2019.



Elfire - Cain

Nachtmahr - Deus Ex Machina

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Hmmm, for a test this wasn't too bad. Well, it was two tests. I normally wouldn't approve of tests. Of course, I don't think this is that good either. I guess it's fine for something short. Wow, your second submission already?

Even if it's just tests, that's still kind of impressive. Mostly just seems like deleted scenes. It's definitely better than most tests. Hmm, I hope I'm not getting the idea of being tired of all these Madness flashes. Your anime opening's much better.


I never expect much from "test" submissions, but both of these were exceptional. The animation details were particularly good in regards to each character's interactions with others and with their environment.