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Third Crisis (0.26.0)

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I literally had 0 perversion when starting the nightshift missions, and didn't get any except from the forced events during those missions, but I could still not pick the less perverted options in the nightshift missions.

Very nice additions since last I played. I like the good route better than the peitho route so far. Very ambitious to have an entire route with lots of content that can be declined. I hope you are able to finish it.

There's a bug when you enter with the second nightshift costume and start a new nightshift it gets duplicated
Also a bug when you do the streetwhore you can do two guys in a row and miss 2 scenes.

AnduoGames responds:

All the bartending is completely optional.
Thanks for reporting the issues!

Does anyone know where Sublevel 1 is? I can't seem to find it and google isn't helping me much at all. I really wanna continue the game.

I am at the part where you defeat the enemies at the first level of the underground bunker. After you defeat them you can "heal" them but have to win a fight after each "healing." I cannot find any combat scenarios in the game anymore, and now that I can access the underground bunker I can't get to the slums.

AnduoGames responds:

If you go back to the main floor of the bunker where Rida's tent is, at the very northern part of that area is where you can talk to the person with the fist over their head to start a combat.

Don't get me wrong. This is an excellent game and I absolutely love it. The world seems phenomenally fleshed out and has progressed a lot from the first time I played years ago. The overall style is iconic and the game is addictive. However, I have a problem getting lost often due to the vast world and how much it has grown. A map of some sort would be immensely helpful.

I love this game, but couldn't there be an option to translate the game? is that my English is really bad and I get lost in history, greetings from Mexico

Credits & Info

4.16 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2020
9:58 PM EDT