Samurai Pizza Cats After Hours

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Hope you enjoy! This took alot of hard work! I'm currently working on a game called Fur-Rumble on Patreon, this was just a collab side project for fun.

CONSIDER SUPPORTING!- https://www.patreon.com/SesVanbrubles

Sketches and concept by DatPizzaCat- https://twitter.com/DatPizzaCat

Voice work commissioned from MacStarVA- https://twitter.com/MacStarVA

I created the animation and the lewd sound effects with jello, lotion, etc.

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Shane dawson: *is horny*

His cat:

Hello yes I'd like two peperoni pizzas and one ham and pineapple pizza. I'd also like to get a Pepsi.

How much jello noises do you want?

i have to buy more socks

When the Imposter is sus