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Fern flying

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Great job for your first game! I made it to 100 something. (Screen cuts off all but the first digit.) Game picked up around 60+ and the speed increase made it nicely challenging. I even think you could increase the challenge to four hazards in a column or more as the game progresses. As other reviewers have commented, possibly add some incentive to move around more and collect power ups and or additional lives. Cheers!

CutseyWaffle responds:

Thank you so much! Wow that's so high! Amazing!
Yeah the screen cuts off still haven't figured out how to fix that (although I am asking around).
Yeah those would definetly be an upgrade. Very nice idea indeed! But adding even more colums now that is a really grand idea I like it! Yeah lives and powers ups would be nice. Although I am a bit limited with my current skillset as a newbieI still have a lot to learn. Thank you for you great feedback!

Nice artwork and really good as your first game. Maybe add some more engaging game play elements like boosts or coins to pick up. One nitpick: the score is clipping through the screen.

CutseyWaffle responds:

Daw thanks! Ooooh that would be very nice! Yeah or perhaps some power ups.
Yeah I have trouble re-sizing I don't know why it does that. Perhaps something that could be improved later on! Anyway glad you liked it!

It's fair for a first attempt, but not much for gameplay yet. Your drawings are cute, but the game is too easy and simple, and could go on forever without much to do: I just let myself die when I got bored, there wasn't much effort needed to stay alive. Try to make a game with increasing difficulty next, maybe.

I didn't see a scoreboard, although maybe that got cut offscreen- the game over screen doesn't fit the window.

CutseyWaffle responds:

Thank you! Hm... good point trying to vary up the difficulty. Yeah I had some re-sizing issue's I don't know how to fix that currently. But it helps a little when you play on full screen.