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Natural Causes

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Finally got this up, first entry on Newgrounds, created for the Purple Imposter Jam! I collaborated with Poka-SorM from twitter to create this animation, and it wouldn't be the same without 'em.

It's been a while since we animated, and we enjoyed the challenge of creating something entertaining and telling a silly story under 3 weeks. Among Us has been a favorite game between our friends, and we enjoy playing and laughing and messing with each other in the game together. Best of luck to everyone in the jam!

All the sounds used in the video were from Among Us, from YouTube sound library, and a few memes our friends frequently sent us.

The voice actors in the video are myself, and these lovely talented folk on twitter:






EDIT: AHH THANK YOU FOR THE FRONTPAGE! We're reading comments as well and we're taking in the feedback from you guys, it means a lot and we're happy to hear people enjoyed our cartoon.

EDIT 2: We placed 14th place in the Among Us Jam! Thank you everyone for watching and for all your votes and comments, and huge thanks to everyone involved in making the jam possible. Link to the results, and Link to watch more entries.

Extra note, a part of the ending was inspired from the jam's banner, originally created by IvanAlmighty! If you thought their art was cool, send 'em some votes/faves/comments!

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this animation made me want to eat cake XD

damn, that ending though

that ending was creepy


fast and furious

that boi sus