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super mario uni-run (Newgrounds edition)

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1st PLACE ON NEWGROUNDS:4074926/Xaloid

2nd PLACE ON NEWGRONDS:1940891/@rjp29

Welcome to Super Mario Uni-Run! Run, Jump, and Shoot Enemies to gather the biggest score as possible!

This game will be availible for testing, so expect lots of bugs. The ground pipes are temporarily removed until fully tested and ready for use.

Fanbase and The Top 100 Leaderboards -


Update: Fixed some Bugs, Improved Mario, and Changed the Underground Theme

Creator's Top Score: 5,933,174 pts ( This score will NOT be displayed on the leaderboard! )


Up Arrow - Jump

Left/Right Arrow - Move

X - Shoot

Spacebar - Use Item (If the item box contains any)

Y - Dash

XStables https://scratch.mit.edu/users/XStables/

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This is one of the most fun games I have ever played on newgrounds. The sprites look fantastic the powerups a interesting and the controls are great.

but there are some bugs I found not game breaking but they exist: Mario's arms are seen when you go through a pipe, if you hit a block above a semi solid you go through it, All powerups that shoot sometimes doesn't shoot, Semi Solids become invisable and it looks like mario is walking on nothing. Mario not respawning on death, score not displaying beside the word score, Powerups not flashing with mario during a star.

Finally my score: Lost it due to a glitch but I do have 1990 coins

draxn0 responds:

hey thanks for the feedback! we were working on a sequel to fix everything the og had but that gotten scrapped a long time ago. i might remake it solo(maybe a sequel or a whole og game) but rn all i can say is yeah this game right here is pretty buggy but i promise soon ill start working on something like this. also yes I've been gone for a while

I got 229464 score

nice game

i had to create another acc. but can u still pls put me on the leaderboard?


draxn0 responds:

why is your name somewhat dedicated to the games name?