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The Man who Ruled

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Greedy, authoritarian and ruthless, the excentiric figure of the long top hat, ended up being hated by its city. For decades he imposed his ideology, before the town rebelled. Since then, firm believer of his ideals, he wielded his power from the shadows.

Contemplating his legacy, he takes one final decision, along his tiny army, the only ones loyal to him left. The dictator, puts his plan into action, searching for redemption and the honour of his childhood memory, before dissappearing forever.

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This gives me very strange Willy Wonka vibes.
A well-made and somewhat abstract work of.. something.

It like Monty Python made in full view. Bizarre yet intriguing, and I love it all for it.

pense que habia una mosca de verdad en mi oido­čś│ ajajjjsajhaj

Un gran "hormigueo" sent├ş viendo esto, ├ępico

not everyone is having so much fun with this whole post-apocalypse stockholm syndrome as he did

PedroZorrilla responds:

His whole life was like that