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Monster Musume Dungeons 1.0 demo

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IMPORTANT: Many ppl have brought to my atention that the last area is inaccessible. And verified and indeed it is bugged (in the web version only, it is available on patreon in the downloadable version). A fix will be made with the new patch... someday


You are an aspiring mage, discovering new realms and dungeons through a magical portal. You accidentally stumble upon a spell that can direct the portal to a realm filled with sexy creatures wanting a bit of fun before they kick your ass back out!

DISCLAIMER: While you can load your save code from the previous versions, some audio bugs and frame switches can happen. YOU MUST ALSO PATCH IT WITH AN EMPTY SAVE CODE FROM THIS VERSION FOR IT TO WORK.

After two years day for day of development, the cumplete edition of Monster Musume Dungeons is upon us. I won't spoil anything but almost everything is here in the free version. Some scenes and one of the gallery are for patreon only, so if you like the game please consider supporting us, and by that I mean all the amazing artists giving you this game.

If you see a big bar in the middle of the screen, press "enter" and it will close it, it's the cheat code bar.

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this is pretty good i love playing this keep up the good work

Fantastic game. I made an account for the first time just to give it a good review. The only thing I was wondering is there is a way to choose who sleeps in your bed with you. I'm very partial to the cute first girl, and she disappeared after I beat the graveyard.

Wataponno responds:

I'm honored! Thank you!

As for the girls, the scenes unlock in the gallery so they are not lost. However, the CG gallery is locked in the web version. It is unlocked and with the last dungeon in the full version on steam/patreon/itch/nutaku. I wish I could give the full version for free for everyone, but sadly I can't :(

Good game, not clear how to access the final dungeon. The core gameplay loop is solid, the hentai is good.


overall a good game (spent about 4 hours to complete), there is some lag but after reviewing other people's reviews, I understand that it happens. I did encounter the bug where you wake up in the bedroom after passing out with no way to interact with anything or move around except accessing the settings, so I reset my progress. Playing the game a second time made it much easier than a first playthrough is sort of confusing as the progression is not readily shown as in showing that you can train, talk, etc.
Secrets: press the wreath in the dorm after being darkwood, press the pumpkin on the boss room of graveyard, press the entrance of the pyramid after pressing go back to academy once after being desert (boss one shots (about 137) if you dont have shield)
my save has all spells, summons, fae forms, 100+ lvl stats +840 shield, but have not corrupted classmates fully but there's 105.2K arcane if you want to finish corrupt them: