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Among Us in a Nutshell

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not part of the animation jam, as i realised last minuite the impostor had to be purple.

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bodil1 you're a dickhead, the guy is just tryina have fun, dont disencourage the lad

on an unrelated note, it would be nice to see some running animations. I have a million ways on how to improve this but overall its nice to see you having fun. Keep going man!

NitroCENTRALground responds:

nah leave bodil 1 alone, it was months ago

I saw your last comment on other animation. Please don't sell yourself short. I think you actually tried hard with this one.

Continue on and keep pushing!

NitroCENTRALground responds:

i was kidding, but thanks anyway

I liked the music. You could have used a higher resolution map and would have been nice to see running animations. Also Bodil1 ur a dick

NitroCENTRALground responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism, please don't hate bodil1 for his comments, he probably didn't realise most of it was blind hate

You sound like you’re 7 you are too young for newgrounds. This is sloppily animated too; you could have done some other voices for the characters and the payoff was not good at all not accurate. 0/5 get off newgrounds for 6 years

NitroCENTRALground responds:

while i do agree with the sloppily animation and the voice acting, you are about 5 years off from the age thing (yes we are indeed 1) sound can be decieving, and this review fails to take into account personal experiences with the game, while you may be incredibly lucky, we at nitrocentral (theres 2 of us and we are both in the film) have personal expirences of being voted out first for no apparent reason, 2.5/5 review,