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Hoop Hopper

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For LD47: Stuck in a loop, where "loop" is loosely interpreted as a physical loop.


Move with WASD/Arrow keys. Collect as many diamonds as possible while avoiding being caught in contracting hoops. Game is over after three strikes. The expansion and contraction speeds up as you play.

Post mortem changes:

  • Score multiplier on collection streak
  • Scoreboard integration
  • Minor bug fixes

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15th best of all time on trivial, this game is really fun, and I am really good at it!

i got 45 on expert why doesn´t it show it on the boards?
edit: i think you have to click the leaderboard after you lose for it to save your score

Surprisingly pretty fun! It's a simple game, but something about the smooth, snappy movement with the way the ball zips to each hoop and the hypnotic way the hoops grow and shrink, I found myself getting into a trance, unfocusing my eyes to take in the whole board and keep that combo going! Love playing on the expert board where they are practically no safe spots and you just need to keep your eyes open to look for the paths in a constantly shifting world! It's already pretty solid, but with some extra juice to make it even more exciting, like rising pitch-shifted sounds as you get higher and higher combos and some explosive fx, this really could be something great as I think the core game is already there and fun!

Wow, May, what a cool idea! For a simple game, it's quite engaging. It offers a tactical challenge, as the player has to plan a path to each crystal, and still have a safe route out, but it's also skill-based, because you have to be quick and precise to pull it off, especially when the game speeds up. Sometimes, the player has to think fast to improvise a path to safety.
I appreciate that you have some permanently safe squares. My strategy is to strike out for a crystal, grab, then return to "base" and wait for a good opportunity to catch the next crystal. So, I also appreciate that there's no time-limit on this. You can find a spot to rest, and just wait until you see a path you like. This may sound boring and easy, but when the game starts to speed up, it really begins to test the player.

If you added a leaderboard, I suspect more people would replay the game.

Great job!

a bit simple, but not bad
not bad at all

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2020
5:10 PM EDT
  • Unity
  • BFXR
  • Inkscape
  • MuseScore 3