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Crimson Keep Chapter 5

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//////////////////////READ THIS FIRST///////////////////////////////////

This game uses SOL files to save and load the game.


The game will freeze during the very first scene and you won't be able to continue.

Either play in a browser that can save cookies or if this is a problem for you, feel free to visit my discord, where a downloadable version of the beta is available in the #public channel and works just fine.


Hello everyone.

After 6 long months of development, CK5 is finally available for public beta testing.

It's already been through an alpha and a closed beta phase, so I don't expect major game-breaking bugs, but please report any to me on my discord channel under #bug-reports if you find them and I will fix them and release updated versions in as timely a manner as I can.

Many changes have been made to the battle system. These include:

Equips - Trinkets and weapons from previous chapters are now equippable through the main menu. PLEASE DO THIS AS SOON AS YOU LOAD INTO THE CHAPTER.

Glyph Gems - Likewise, glyph gems can equipped and your battle menu customized.

Link energy - covenants now take damage in battle and may be unequipped and unusable for the rest of battle if their link energy reaches zero.

Battle UI - you can now hotkey items for quick use in battle. These as well as your current covenant hotkeys are located at the top left of the screen where the covenant switch button used to be. The covenant battle menu button has been attached to Soriel's HUD.

Tempt bars - enemies that are non-enchanted that can be tempted at low rates now have a heart gauge. If you fill it up, the next tempt will be a guaranteed success.

More information is available in Lan's tutorial when you load into the chapter. DO NOT SKIP IT.

QOL updates:

There are now 99 save slots.

The inventory now holds 32 items.

The bosses have been painstakingly balanced to be possible with even a very small amount of time investment in the previous chapters. That being said, those who chose a new game option in chapter 4 may find this chapter quite difficult. I also found that New Game in chapter 5 leads to death in 100% of cases after only about 3 minutes of gameplay, so I decided to do away with the New Game button in this chapter. You're welcome.

If you are having trouble with a boss fight or getting past a certain enemy, please visit my discord server, where there are many helpful people and FAQs.

Finally, if you find any bugs, come join me on discord to tell me about them in #bug-reports.

I won't be checking NG comments too much, as I've already started working on chapter 6.



EDITS 10/4/2020 - Ver 1.1

A few features have been added, as well as a few bugs fixed:

  • Sliding scale for adjusting boss difficulty in Options Menu
  • Slightly reduced stats on Servinnia and Royal Guards
  • Noble Cremate now alternates with Greater Fireball
  • Collectables Menu - shows all the items available in the chapter and whether you've found them or not, also may show hints on where to get each one.
  • Minor collisions errors fixed
  • Minor grammatical mistakes fixed
  • You no longer have access to all Covenants the first time you quick-open the covenant menu
  • You can no longer walk around after defeating Khrys/Synophi

EDITS 10/4/2020 - Ver 1.2

More bugfixes and features:

  • Collections Menu, updated Lan Tutorial
  • Level cap adjustment now no longer nerfs you to lvl 1 if you exceeded the prior level cap (if you have been nerfed, the file should be reloadable as long as you did not save after you were nerfed).
  • Alchemy menu now cannot create infinite failed experiments
  • Fused reavers no longer give as much exp as the abomination -_-''
  • You can no longer mouse-over Soriel to prevent overworld encounters with Imp Nobles/Twins/Guards from happening
  • If you end up bringing Rithris down to 1 HP with a parry from Servinnia, it no longer freezes the game.
  • Azurite in the sell menu now updates after buying Iridia's one-ofs.
  • Scene autoplay toggle issue with the back button showing up in story scenes is fixed.
  • Red Jelly Covenant can be gotten in CK5 if you (bless your soul) forgot to get it in 3

EDITS 10/5/2020 - Ver 1.3

The following bugs have been fixed:

- Assassinate bug - Dealing 1200+ damage then proccing assassinate causes Zazna to cast wisp while Assassinate is proccing

- Free crafting not working 

- You may not buy items when you have exactly the correct amount of azurite

- Various grammar issues

- Having equipment selected the loading save without that equipment lets you equip that item

EDITS 10/7/2020 - Ver 1.4

- You can now see your trinkets and rings.

- quickslots freezing battle sometimes - fixed

- a band aid has been slapped on for some sound function errors that are utterly irreproducible

- key items are now refreshed when you open the item menu with hotkey

- guardian stones (fuck my life) finally splits and displays damage properly

EDITS 10/15/2020 - Ver 1.7 (FULL)

  • Crafting is now based less upon guessing recipes and more upon breaking down healing items into primary ingredients and using them to make more powerful ones.
  • Various other bugs including grammatical errors, hitbox errors, game freezing due to soundloop/ sound effect errors.

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I just don't understand what I have to go after (SPOILERS) curing Enet after saving the city, is it supposed to be over now? I'm not getting any type of end credits


Lost a star because of zazna insta-kill move. Other than that, amazing work.

Hey can anyone tell me if your supposed to be locked on level 25 and receive no exp or if I have to restart this chapter.Because i get to this chapter and get locked on level 25 and psycho warden lady requires a much higher level to beat her

Since flash is dead, go to their discord to get the flash player, and the file to play it :D