Mr. T Vs Unicron

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Well here it is! The all-star game of the Mr. T Vs X Series! This is also my tribute to the Transformers Movie. Sorry bout the large file size, but those without cable never get to see any of the good stuff on NG anyway. I made this one on my new laptop, which I learned is much faster than my PC, so if the music is out of sync let me know and I'll try to fix it. Anyway I hope you all enjoy it!

WAHOOO! PICK OF THE DAY! Thanks everyone! I will have the next part out within 2 weeks. My retarded job lets me do flash for 8 hours a night. So it'll be there soon.

Now there seems to be some confusion that I thought would disappear after 8 movies. I DRAW LIKE OLD PEOPLE FUCK. Just take a look at Mr. T Vs Super Com and Damien if you don't believe me. Hell I can barely manage to cut out decent jpegs. So this is my STYLE if you don't like it. Don't watch it! But stop telling me to draw! I can't.

Ok rant over, I'll be putting more out soon. ENJOY!

One last thing! Check out the other movies first to understand all the jokes. PEACE!



Mr. t vs X is the best thing ever made! this was soo funny. im not sure what the point of kramer is but who the hell cares. and bush really is that stupid! HAHAHAHA good job.

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Its so funny how you put everyone in this movie and they move so weird. I love that. HAHAHAAH


Good movie but you got a 9 for the scientific In accuracy:
you show Unicron swalloing Planet Neptune. You show the smurfs as living on Neptune, and you also depict Neptune as a planet with a surface. Neptune is a Gas planet, it has NO SOLID SURFACE, accept for mayhaps a core. But the Planet's atmosphere is full of storms, and lightning. Besides the lack of a solid surface, that fact alone would make any sort of life on Neptune impossible. Also, a Van can not travel in outer space.


The quality is even better than before, I love it!

I thought this was great.

This was soooo funny. I loved it. Especially all the people who played parts in this short film.

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4.01 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2003
7:09 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature January 8, 2003