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Electrical Rubaroo

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Bigger is Better 5 Points

Upgrade capacity to 25,000 Energy!

Click Click 5 Points

Achieve a clicking power of 15!

Getting Idley 5 Points

Have an idle gain of 140 Energy!

Growing Capacity 5 Points

Get your maximum capacity to 5,000 Energy!

Hard Clicks 5 Points

Achieve a clicking power of 50!

Idle Gains 5 Points

Have an Idle Gain of 500 Energy!

No Longer Fractional 5 Points

Get a Rubbing Power of 1!

Clicking Power! 10 Points

Achieve a clicking power of 150!

Energy Mover 10 Points

Get a Rubbing Power of 3!

Faster Energy 10 Points

Get a Rubbing Power of 7!

Getting Really Big 10 Points

Upgrade your Maximum Capacity to 75,000 Energy!

Idle Commitment 10 Points

Have an Idle Gain of 1,500 Energy!

A Dozen Movements 25 Points

Upgrade your Rubbing Power to 12!

Clicking Game 25 Points

Achieve a clicking power of 500!

Quick Returns 25 Points

Idle Gains to 5,000 Energy!!

Spacious 25 Points

Upgrade your Maximum Capacity to 150,000!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments


A familiar rubbing game for the modern web.

Rub on the Go! Android app available.

Electric Rubaroo is a remastered version of the 2015 game Electric Rubber. With the original game being made with Adobe Flash player, it has become difficult to play in the modern web. This version aims to offer all the original features and a few new features, with a fresh new look and feel!

Themes For You!

Unlock different themes to make your game pop! Choose from over 8 different themes to decorate every part of the game!

Prestige System

Gain prestige points by restarting your game from the beginning. These points offer a permanent bonus to upgrades, passives, and other aspects of the game!

Rub (and click) Your Way

Rub the rubbing pad on the main page to gain energy! You'll only be able to gain as much energy as the capacity allows for, so get upgrading too! A new feature in this version is the ability to click without a cooldown! Now you can rub and click your way to a full battery.

No Nonsense Shop

The shop has received a more straightforward appearance too! Focus on the upgrades that matter, with the one-time features and themes sorted to their own pages. No need to page through upgrades you don't need!

Optimized for All Sizes

Not only is the game optimized for the resolution here on Newgrounds, it can be embedded for almost any size! When the game detects a mobile/small screen, it will adapt to the style the Android app uses!

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Just a quick note for medal collectors: the medal targets do not include upgrades from the upgrades shop, meaning you need 1495 clicking power for the final 1200 clicking power medal. I think this is a bug.

Fun game but I don't think the medals work, there's a glitch.

cool game but the math is broken on one time upgrades

Let's see.

You have several places where the game incorrectly sets things as equal to, when it should be a plus equals instead of a straight equals. (You're incorrectly making it do variable = value instead of the correct variable += value). This kills your battery capacity when buying some of those one-time upgrades, for example. Or if this isn't exactly what you're doing, you're still messing it up somehow -- all I know is buying some of those one-time upgrades LOWERS your max battery capacity when it definitely shouldn't!

You also have failure to check for >= in many cases, instead incorrectly checking for strict equality. Example -- I have a rubbing power less than 1 but greater than 0. I purchase the one-time upgrade that gives you a bonus one. Since it skips beyond 1, medal for having a rubbing power of 1 is not awarded when it should be, since I have a rubbing power of at least 1.

So to recap, when adding things to a variable, always do variable += value instead of variable = value. And when checking for equality conditions where the goal is a higher value, always do variable >= value instead of variable == value for the check. (Or alternately variable <= value, in the case where the goal is lower instead of higher)

In fact, if you do want it to be strictly equal to a value, you still don't want to do == if it's floating point! Because that will, in most cases, come out false, even with two numbers that should be the same, due to tolerances and other technical reasons. (You can do a strict equality only with pure integer types)

Let's say you wanted to test if a number was equal to 5, but it's floating point. if(variable == 5) would most likely come out false. Instead the correct way to do this would be if(variable >= 4.999999 && variable <= 5.000001) or whatever your tolerances. You have to take imprecision of the floating point hardware and implementation into account or you'll get it wrong. This is the case on all hardware and in all programming languages that have a floating point type, whether typed or not.

And then, most importantly, actually *check* that your program behaves as it should. Test before you upload. Don't just assume you got it right. You're still not adequately testing. You're not new to putting games on Newgrounds, but yet you're still making these same math mistakes which you should have learned from ages ago. This is just very basic stuff. It's not hard to get right. You don't need any advanced math or anything of the sort. It's all very basic addition, subtraction, and comparison.

I know you can do it. You just need to take more time with it. Not rush to submit things. And play through your games a few times to make sure they work correctly, *before* submitting them.

secret medals = prestige ? :X

applessmillion responds:

Secret medals = getting real high numbers for each upgrade ;)

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2020
12:20 AM EDT
  • Notepad++
  • Paint.net
  • Daily 3rd Place October 2, 2020