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Kim & Sobriety- Goodnight

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An odd relic of the Deamon Reich... but I have to admit, the tune is fairly toe-tapping.


Rove me, feel my walking on the street.

The street, so sweet, complete.

You've got no one to meet.

They're not on your street.

The one you want to meet

is not on your street, that's neat.

Thank you for your time.

Listening to me, how I rhyme.

It's not a crime!

But in time you'll know what I am,

just a silent call of a man,

stepping out into the desert sand.


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I'm speechless. 12/10 stars!

Is that Mr. Orange on the keyboard?


Pop up ViiideO! 4.5stars. Great work!

girl what is dis?!?!, this man can't sing a lullaby for crap! I'll show you Bi!

lovely music