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Project Aura 2: God complex

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Cast your mind back seven months ago. If you stumbled across my work, you might have discovered a game called Project Aura 2. It was a strange game, with a lot of lack lusting game play elements, a story that made no sense, and endings that came out of no where. More so, it was a far cry away from the original Project Aura, a game that came out nearly four full years prior. If you watch closely, you see signs that not all was well with the development, evidence of greater game play mechanics were there, but the end product felt rushed and half finished.

There's a good reason for that, I promise. See when I made the game I wasn't nearly as well versed in action script 3 as I was in action script 2. Even basic coding elements were beyond me, not for lack of trying, but I simply couldn't grasp the language. Producing an unfinished product like that haunted me for months. My great return to form faltered, the end of a series of smaller practice games fell flat. I decided I owed you, and myself, better, and so last week knuckled down and refused to yield until the coding knowledge was within my grasp.

Now it is. Now, I have everything I require to make Aura 2 the game it should have been. Of course game play tweaks wouldn't have been anywhere near enough to justify a release of the game, which led me to a week of hard core grinding. Reworked, or in some cases, totally redone background art. Higher quality character profiles, redesigned UI, endings based on your performance, instead of an arbitrary button press. Most noticeable however, is the sound and voice additions, the true sign of a remaster. Multiple characters voiced, a far wider arrange of music, all of which drilled tirelessly to be free of sound glitches.

As such I offer the branch of friendship, a token of repentance for my former lackluster performance. Forget project aura 2, a game undeserving of a subtile, and instead relish in the game I sought to make at the star.

Project Aura 2: God complex

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Even better

I only could find 2/4 ending can someone help

Captain-Freeman responds:

don't bully or fight anyone

bully a few people

bully and fight everyone

collect all the squashy bears

Fun, all 4 endings are fun, that's all i have and need to say.

Captain-Freeman responds:

fun was always the goal

Looking good and keep on being awesome can't wait to see more updates on Robin Quest 4. Can't wait

I can appreciate the effort for sure, however the animation is.... unsettling, and the main characters voice is also super uncomfortable.. at least to me anyway. just one opinion.

Captain-Freeman responds:


Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2020
5:31 AM EDT