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This collab was originally gonna be made by Me, SaudxMC, SleeZiz and DJ, but we weren't doing anything so we decided to invite a few more friends to "speed up the project"

now, we have what we call "Project: Felony"

Special Thanks to DATSALTY: Not only did you help make the collabs humor and kickstart everyone working, you have done so much for the collab as well- My biggest congratz to ya!

Youtube Version: https://youtu.be/bAOZ2BBM9lY

Lore: me saud and sleeziz and dj watched one of kingxo's anims and thought we should make a joke collab about it. yeaytawstqa


  1. Zoltan - Djjaner
  2. Thumb - Styxmang
  3. They Know - Goreshit
  4. BKey - Destoryer
  5. i shouldn't be here - to sleep forever would be my dream
  6. i shouldn't be here - void
  7. Goreshit - tatu'd lolis
  8. Revin Goff - Harlots
  9. goreshit - found it
  10. Machine Girl - Splatter!
  11. Dilemma - Sentry Turbo

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it's so chaotic that its a masterpiece

The master of lag and memes

modernist, cubist, counter-culture, madness combat

Funni. Also, were one of the gronts going to say the N WORD!???!?!111!?!?! THAT RACOST!!11!1

Naviestyx responds:


Atp505 responds:


some people call this wasted talent due to the memes, to me this is the least wasted talent project I've seen. good job