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Take out the Mates

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A few things you have to respect:

1. Dubbing here is very high quality, including:

Protagonist named "Eliter" - Dubbed Electronic-Headphones


Ellvis - Dubbed Mr. Sarge


Mr. Boss - Dubbed Noble002


2. Bullets are missing in the animation due to fast completion.

3. I worked on the animation for about three weeks.

Storyline: Eliter is resting in front of the TV and got a taste for spaghetti, but at this point something happens that he didn't expect.

The end of the animation did not answer the question of whether the laptop got its own laptop, but did not get it. That's why I'm planning with Eliter coop the animation of the second part of this animation on MD2021, so stay tuned!

Animation: Djjaner

Music: CUIZO


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Cuizo responds:

you are weird

to think this started because some dude broke into another dudes house and stole his cable box

scratch that laptop ok looked like a thing for cable

Nice animation! Keep it up!
Don't stop :D

why did that one guy have a red bruise but he had yellow blood? wha?

Electronic-Headphone responds:

there was no time to fix mistakes like that due to small amount of time