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Another Decade for Madness Combat?

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The next generation of Madness Combat. 3D perspective, realistic flowing blood, the same violence. Will it be for another decade? This video answers exactly that!

Editor note: Will only respond to 3 star reviews on the week, when this animation was uploaded.

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This is an honest review.

I've seen better dude, it's just awkward and silent and the animation is decent but not the best. I still don't get how this is supposed to be 3D cause it looks 2D to me. The blood flow isn't even realistic, it just looks like red smoke coming out of them. I'd excuse the "meh" animation if the plot and/or comedy was better. Overall it's decent but no where near as good as the majority of Madness Combat animations.

Madness combat forever, baby.

Not bad, always enjoy 3D views. Next time I suggest adding more frames with a slight higher framerate. Then make a longer video and it will be just about as great as everyone would expect.

ultraemo responds:

It was for Madness day, where other movies should get seen, hence why it was short. Shorter then I expected, actually. I was aiming for a minute long I will maybe make another Madness video like this, a remake maybe, with more perspective and upload it, not to get in the way of Madness Day and the other entries and I like Madness Combat, that I would like more, so I am willing to make another video. Thanks for your comment!


Probably not the best animation out there but I can tell there was certain effort put into this. Not much, though.
Happy Madness Day?