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Undead Quest

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Interact / Start game: Z

Movement: Arrow keys

Undead Quest is an adventure game made in GBStudio.

You are a zombie, newly awakened in the necromancer's castle. You must venture out through the castle to reclaim your soul and leave this place. However the castle is filled with dangerous creatures, who must be avoided!

The game features 16 unique rooms, 10 challenging avoidance puzzles and 5 NPCs.

I used this game as an opportunity to understand what can be done in GBStudio - it was actually a really enjoyable process - I would recommend giving it a try.

Update: A glitch with the skeleton's dialogue has been fixed.

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The music starts out great - then it just grates your nerves.
I enjoyed the short little adventure.
Hitboxes really seem too big.
In the room with the bones, the balls don't all start moving at the same time, I guess they start moving once you get within a certain range? Any way, I had to replay that room a dozen or so times until I got all the balls in a line and could run straight past them.
The room with the necklace, the necklace sprite doesn't disappear after you pick it up, like it does for the fishing rod and bones.

Cool, but I wish the music had more.

I'm feeling a bit of Undertale with the cast, and a lot of Zelda in the gameplay. I like the charm of the game; the theme is a funny twist. I also liked the ending, having to choose between the four souls made me feel clever when I had the clue to choose the right one.

Most of my critisisms are mechanical, which is a difficult thing to gives notes on since I'm not sure how BGStudio works. Others mentioned the hitbox issue, I also noticed that the player avatar slides a little more than the controls warrant. This is a bit tricky since in old-school pixel adventure games a la Zelda the tightness of the controls is pretty important, since the boxy dimensions of the pixels force the player's movement to be precise.

Also, because death brings the character back to the entrance of the room, I used that to teleport myself quickly back through rooms by dying intentionally. Lots of games have a fast back-tracking mechanic to help the player not have to repeat ground they've already travelled, but in this case I wasn't sure if this is intentional. It's not a big thing, I just thought it was kind of funny.

In all, it's a wee game but every room and enemy feels like it/they have a purpose. Good job. :)

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention, I'm not sure if this is possible with GBStudio, but I think this game could really benefit from a diagonal movement mechanic. Being restricted to compass positions can make navigating feel cramped at times.

EDIT AGAIN: Alsooo, it could use a little bit of musical variety. Maybe having a more dramatic/climactic song that comes on after you give the sword to the Demon and get access to the soul room? Just something to give some narrative context through the audio.

i agree with Gonta - character and monster collisions are out of proportions, other than that only music mute button would be nice, everything else is quite nice. both thumbs up!

i really like the game but i would try to fix the hitboxes they are a bit to big and weird

RainyG responds:

Thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed.

So I caught up with some people in the GBStudio community - unfortunately right now there isnt a way to adjust the hitbox sizes. If an update comes out in the next while I'll try to tighten them up, ut for the moment I can't change them.

I really appreciate the feedback though!

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3.45 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2020
6:05 PM EDT
  • GB Studio