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Elana, Champion of Lust, CH3 alpha2.1

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Author Comments

Alpha 2.1! This one along with some updates for the academy includes the Excess world with 80+ images, 140+ events and 17 new characters.

You can find full list of updates here but some things like the final minigame are already included in this one: https://elanachampionoflust.blogspot.com/2020/07/alpha-2-of-chapter-3-excess-world.html


· You can skip the first world in the codes menu (button in the top left of the screen next to the gallery button) and then you only have to talk with Jane in her office. 

· Please don't load saves from previous versions, while the game is in development you'll be able to access all worlds from the beginning.

· The quality of the game has been reduced to match the size parameters of Newgrounds but you can find a full quality version in our blog.

· This is a game under development, developed by a small team and there are tons of features that we still have to add. We really appreciate bug reports though!

Hope you'll enjoy it!

This browser versions causes little glitches, like the character runs faster and such, but if you prefer, we have Windows version available in our blogspot: https://elanachampionoflust.blogspot.com/

We have video resumes of the plot of Chapter 1 and 2 in case you'd like to jump directly to chapter 3 but still follow the story, or you just want to refresh it. Here you'll find links to the Spanish and English versions, censored and uncensored:


As you may know we have another version with more content for our patrons. This time including Show towns world as well as android version!. If you want to help us develop the game, you can support us here:


But comments, votes and spread the word is also very helpful! So, if you don't want to spend money, you can help us develop the game too ^^

Music by: Kupo

Erotic audio by: www.listentopo.com

Greeting sounds by: https://missmoonified.newgrounds.com/ (and some experiments. Still work in progress).

if you want to watch our news and and announcements, dont forget to check our blog and twitter:



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the first few times I played i didnt get what im suppose to do, but now i finally get it, kind of. There are SOO many sex scenes so plenty of content. My distress with it, is how you have to talk with every single servant in that house and they kick you out every 2 dialogue options, not only that, but you have to go back to some of them because the options appear after an event occurs. A frustrating section, but definitely the best content-wise with plenty of art. Instead of us walking across an empty map, maybe make it a little bit easier for us to know what we're suppose to be doing, maybe some sort of fast-travel idk. Also I'm writing this review now because my browser has said "Out of Memory" I'm guessing I've done so much in the game that there is no more memory to control it. A bit upsetting that my save is gone, but that's what I get for playing on incognito.

HOw do you give Scylla a perfect bath? I talked to all the servants already

knotgames responds:

She needs towels, oils and aromatic herbs (spices). Could be a little tricky because the servants who provides the towels also provides for another item if I remember well. For future versions we are adding the names to the servants and the inventory which will help to keep track of those missions

Loading the saved game in the room (world 1) where the couples are loaded Elana in the upper-left corner, in the ether, multiple times. It was not possible to get her to load back on walkable terrain again for 3 attempts. I managed to get it to load correctly when in full-screen mode, but this failed previously, so I don't know what "fixed" the problem.

I got an "out of memory" error from Newgrounds while exploring the new rooms after all the NPC's were satisfied. It advised that if I am the developer, I should allocate more memory.

Gameplay Notes:
It seemed like the English translation became increasingly worse as the game went on. I saw frequent errors in spelling, grammar, and a few sentences that just made no sense at all. Some word choices are not good Spanish-English analogs. For instance, "ambience" is much more broad than "lighting". The words chosen for the menu buttons also need to be changed.

I thought the exposition was just the right length most of the game, but the dialog events that follow after satisfying all the NPC's in "Jane's World" are just TOO LONG! Please shorten it and others that fill more than a few paragraph spaces.

The mansion section was very frustrating because there was no way to remember which servants provided which services. The quest log for this section updated tasks for at least one character only after their questline was finished, and in the in-progress panel (not the "completed" panel), making it impossible to know what was already done. Similarly, because the "Inventory" button is non-functional, we can't keep track of what we have completed by looking at our items. This feature (or a consistently, correctly updating quest log), would have removed a lot of tedious guess-work.

The game would be better if NPC's consistently acknowledged what tasks have been completed and remind you (hint) what is left to be done for their storylines. Again, especially in the mansion section.

Design Notes:
The Licorice Demon woman's eyes are black, the same as her skin...it doesn't look good, consider making her eyes normal colored (or a different color). Also, the flan-woman's shoulders look a little grotesque, please consider removing the flan plateaus from her shoulders, they look infected. I would have liked to see more black and dark-skinned characters. As of now, there is only one east-Asian woman in the game.

I want to praise the developers for exploring a variety of sexual fantasies without being horrible towards any of the participants and--by extension--any group, race or women in general. As silly as any premise for a porn game must be, I think this game is inventive and mature in its depiction of sex, especially the core loop of understanding and indulging partners' fantasies. Also, very well-drawn.

knotgames responds:

Hi and thanks for the review and reports!

About the bugs: We'll check them (we've been working for a while on reduce the memory needed for the game and optimize the way the game loads the assets).

About game notes: We'll check with our translator the texts to improve the english as well as the menus (at some point we'll review everything since the game is in early stages).

For the final event of Jane's world we'll probably not reduce it because it explains a point of view of the real story of the island and connects it with chapter 3 as well as the beginning of it 3000 years ago, but we could do it a little more colorful adding images and animations.

In the mansion the objects already appear in the inventory and we are adding the specialization of the servants in their names.

Characters will acknowledge the events happening but probably after they have already arrived to the academy but we'll do it more for inmersion than to keep track of the quests.

About designs: We kinda like those characters designs ^^u In the particular case of the licorice demon, her design was already established in chapter 2 but we added iris to her eyes to provide her with more expressivity. About more dark skinned characters, there are still some to be included but although we try to add variety, it is not a must to us since, our characters come from a fantasy world and, in chapter 3, 99% of the characters included come from chapter 1 and 2, some added because of previous importance and some because they are chosen by poll from our patrons. Even so, as mentioned there are still some that we'll include.

Thanks for your kind words and the extensive review.

iv tried everything and still cant have sex with anyone cuz the meter wont go up any higher

knotgames responds:

Hi! The characters have a specific order for the actions. Some want to start talking then, flirting, etc but some need help from other characters or objects to move forward. The Quest log should help you on that matter ^^

How do the hours work with the lessons? I enter the classrooms throughout the day and they are occupied, but I still get the prompt of the seer saying an image is still pending.

knotgames responds:

Hi! If that image appears is because there is still no image done for that part. If I'm not wrong in this version you should find at least the images of basic lessons for Jane's world and Dystopia, maybe even Candy world.

Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2020
12:52 PM EDT