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Totally possible maze

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Admin7: set_description_for_test_subjects("Yes, you can totally win this in no time!")

-.. --- -. .----. - ....... .-- .- .. - ....... ..-. --- .-. ....... -.-. .-.. . .- -. ....... - . .- --


-WASD or Arrows to move.

- + and - to zoom.

- Click and mouse may be userful later in the game ;).


-It is not infinite or random, it is just pretty big but totally beatable (for real)

-Game will auto ajust render distance and effects for better performance, download desktop version at https://leandrodreamer.itch.io/totally-possible-maze for a far better experience.

-Requires GLES3 but should run on GLES2.

-Game performs auto save.

-Character may stop moving due to a bug when bad performance, if it happen reload the game, admin7 will fix it.

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I was playing this game for so long. I think the percent was like 56 or 57 or something near there. either way, i lost it for some reason, it was out of my history and everything, i dont know why, but I finally remembered the name just now. I was excited to see it! Only to find a little square...

in the middle of the maze, at 0%. :(
I take away half star for not saving :(
edit: NEVERMIND!!! I ended up getting back to where I was! but the game is trying to freeze the page, its hard to type. How long did this game take to make?
double edit: it's too sad to talk about. whoever wants to see why I'm sad, react with this comment, and ill show you the most saddest thing ever. :( but I will show you first, the creator, leandrodreamer.
I will also show recent players. :(

It's pretty alright, i got to 80%, i don't know if the map itself glitched or if it was the trail i left behind but i had a square stuck on a wall and it was a pain when i needed to backtrack

i got 52% in 10 minutes and then the game froze and wouldn't reload ):
good game tho

Only issue is with mouse look at the end, can only turn so far then my mouse runs off the edge of the window. Had to moonwalk backwards to freedom.

Cool ,beat it, but froze my browser and had to get task manager tofix it, trying to type this as fasdt as i caen cause it freezesup whenever i open this gam eagain

leandrodreamer responds:

that's strange, can you dm me your browser and OS, and if possible your computer properties?