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Fairy Queen - Part 1

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Download & Play:

Fairy Queen - PC

Fairy Queen - MAC

Flash is gone :( but you can download and play the game via the links above ;)

PS if the download doesn't start it might be Chrome blocking you. Open the link in a new window or try another browser.

Fairy Queen is our newest sex scene which has been, and will be, strongly influenced by Patron votes. It features Lust and the Fairy Queen. The main point of attraction here is the particular size of the Fairy Queen. She is not extremely tiny like the other fairies, but she is particularly small in comparison to the demon Lust. This allows for an extremely tight fit and features like massive bugling and stretching as well as cum drench options.

Part 1 comes with two scenes: Foreplay & Penetration (pussy).

- Foreplay sees some boob and face rubbing as well as some messy precum showering.

- Penetration has multiple pussy penetration sequences of varying intensity and depth.

The Queen Fairy can be customized. You can change her boob size, eye color, hair style and in the Penetration scene you will also be able to customize her expressions by modifying her mouth. There are 5 mouth options:

- auto (which runs a sequence of expressions that we have set)

- happy (smiling)

- tight (teeth clenching)

- moan (open mouth)

- slut (orgasmic open mouth with tongue hanging out)

Part 2 will feature:

- Anal Scene + Hottie cumswap (as voted for by Patrons)

- Cumshot

- Sound Effects

- & more

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Something that would make this better for me personally is a way to adjust the skin tone of the fairy because I feel like it's hard to see some detail on her. Nothing game breaking, though! From what I see, everything works the way that it should and everything runs smoothly. Keep up the great work!


Thank you skylow898,
glad you like it.
Yes the skin we went for is very bright on this one. Since she is a fairy we wanted to make it so that she appears almost shadow-less, kind of like if she emitted light herself. Therefore, the very bright palette. It cuts the detail down that is true, we just wanted to try a see / don't see kind of approach and leave the details to imagination.
Anyway, thank you for checking it out and for your feedback ;)

0 feedback on what's happening or if there's any player input. cant tell if its broken or just completely lacking any substance. if it is functional there the first scene drags on and on when its just boring


you didn't see the menu at all?

fantastic but she looks stupid with her mouth open at beginning before the dick just fyi


Thanks for the great rating dwadon! Glad you like it.
We are working on part 2 already and we have already designed some new facial expressions including new mouths as well ;)

Promising this one, liked the chats in the middle of the scene it makes the scene much more captivating. Now it's just wait and see how it will be when part 2 comes with all the other features, but for now it looks very good!


Thank you fertyu. Work on part 2 is proceeding well. We have spent the last couple weeks working on the 3rd scene that this game will feature and so far it's looking good. We will release it sometime next month with the new update for the full game The Legend of LUST.
Cheers ;)