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Shuggerlain v0.10 (Lite)

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After finishing Space Paws, here it is the first public alpha version of our new project: Shuggerlain


Here you can download desktop version (Strongly Recommended! And it's free)


Some notes:

  • It's the first alpha of a new project. A lot of things could change and improve in the next updates. Don't be too harsh :P
  • This is a prologue. So it's the most linear part of the game. Soon there'll be more freedom. More girls, more animations...basically more of everything.
  • This is a Lite/Web version of the game. The desktop version has all the animations and the performance is way better (Ren'py web releases feature is in Beta phase). Anyway, in this lite version you'll find a button that will send you to Pornhub if you want to see the animations. Make sure your browser doesn't block the new window/tab when you click on this button.
  • There's no gallery yet. But you can save in the middle of an H-scene or whenever you want. So you know: SAVE!
  • The final version of this should have around 12 nations, 14 main girls, similar amount of secondary girls, and about 40-50 H-scenes.

Some useful shortcuts:

-"Ctrl" - Skip dialogue (Why would you do this?! Plot is quite interesting!...ok, ok, I get it.)

-"H" / "Mouse Middle Button" - Hide Interface

There's a lot of work behind this, and way more is about to come. If you enjoyed playing this and want to see this project grow, please consider supporting us. Thanks :)



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I really enjoyed the game so far but I have an idea that I think would be cool. The succubi so far are interesting but I think they could be much more. The two options you have with them currently are to scare them off or free them but since there is no reward for either it seems like a waste to play the minigame to free them. It would be a lot better if when you free them they join your camp and give a small buff during battle. This would give the player a choice to either take the easy route and scare them or take the time to free them and get a new member for the camp.

TaifunRiders responds:

We have plans for the succubi, but yours is not bad idea. We'll take into account. Thanks!

Videos have been flagged for verification. Can't see any of the animations. :'( Loved SpacePaws!

TaifunRiders responds:

In the 0.10 the links are broken because a few weeks after we publish it PH deleted like millions of videos of non verified accounts. So in the v0.16 we decided to move to xvideos and there all of them are working :)

story is amazing, just need more adult content is all/ options for it.

when will the next version be available?

The music is amazing!