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Tracer's Stop By.

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Hope you enjoy!

First ever Blender short. only issues i would say that are wrong with this one are the boody physics.

Oh and i couldn't get the semen physics to work either, so use your magical imagination at the end!

Also its uncut, downloadable and extended on patreon and gumroad, your not missing much tho.


Stay Lewd.

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Very nice job, Ms Lewd, this is a definite improvement over some previous works. I will say that the butt shape/animation could still use some work, as you description entails. Besides that, I haven't really got any critique.

Keep working hard.

It was good all around.

Great first try. Looking forward to seeing your future work.

So an issue i see with this is that, her lips and face stretch out towards the dick, when in real life, lips can only follow the jaw, they aren't octopus with omnidirectional articulation. So I think you should make it so that when she thrusts her head forward, the lips stay with the face, or maybe very slightly cave into her head, as the friction with the dick would make them delayed, and then when she moves her head away, the lips should stick to the dick stretch from her face, follow her face while sticking to the dick like it was a magnet.

MsLewd responds:

Ye, i noticed. but i was like fuck it.

Ah I see our COVID safe man here is watching Moist Cr1tikal

MsLewd responds:

This is why i add little shit like that.