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Twilight Sparkle X Shining Armor Blowjob

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While there is only an Implied Cumshot, this is very well animated, I especially like the ear twitch towards the end, it's cute and sells the animation for me.

got to say i adore how sexy she looks i mean her eyes are so detailed and the earrings are not half bad and is that a sin like neckless or something cause i do like the style it is just so hot in a way i can not fully describe ^_^keep up the amazing work also :3i just like how you add that little ear wiggle thing its something i find cute and a bit hot at the same time again amazing work keep it up i do wana see if we could have like a commission cause i been wanting to try and get some use out of my modles on sfm/gmod but maybe we could work something out but ya thats my thoughts

Certedia responds:

Thanks x3
I assume you're referring to OCs or something, but sadly I don't do those :p

sweet sweet love

isint that her brother

we want sound.

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2020
12:23 PM EDT