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CaramelDansen Collab 2020

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What do you get when you cross a bunch of insanely talented artists with a crazy amount of nostalgia? an awesome collab between friends.

I hope you enjoy watching this collab as much as we enjoyed making it!


Edit: The lyrics to gerald finegroove are thus

Oh I keep if funky and oh I bust a move, 

I keep the party goin cuz I'm Gerald Finegrooves,

oh, I keep it tacky with my velcro shoes,

Yea I'm rockin sketchers cuz I'm Gerald Finegrooves

Take another picture yeah you know how I do!

I Seem a little flashy cuz I'm Gerald Finegrooves!

the lyrics to kawaisprites carameldansen:
Tom fulp is so cool he makes me wanna pee
It makes me blush when he wants to see
No you cant put your weiner inside of me
I want to be a wolf so freaking bad
I swear im not a furry I just love wolf ass
Come with me and let me smell your feet
Yes daddy fulp rub your smegma on me
It smells like balls my mom and dad they hate me
Its no lie, I love man butts and
Spank my ass its carameldansen

My foreskin is so stretchy its like a balloon
I don’t own a toilet I just shit on the floor
Oh well, fuck 5 they can rot in hell
I killed 6 cops on my way to the plug
Then I laughed it off like hahaha
Caucasians can all go fucking die

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Without Asuka from Germany everybody would be lost. Her country is responsible for the holo...graphic map! (look up the 4kids parody of the Eva OP)

Potatoman responds:


Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2020
11:12 PM EDT