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Author Comments

Lisa was sent to intensive care. You have to figure out what the reason is, and find out who Lisa is. The game gives several answers, but only one is correct. The game has no end, you are simply given information and you decide what to believe and what not. Lisa's fate is independent of your decision. All you can do is find out the truth.

my twitter - https://twitter.com/lutsenko_den

sound - https://freesound.org/people/Sclolex/sounds/177958/


MENU/[MEMORY] block/[NET] block/[BACK ] -one click

other -double click

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this was a trip. I love the concept and most of the execution. the style of art is very enjoyable, it made me imangage that these pictures were things that I had doodled on paper as im investigated the case. I also love the idea of and open-end, was she killed? did she slip? or did she jump? who knows?
I do have a few bits of constructive criticism tho, the biggest one, it's too short, just as I was starting to get into it iv run out of options to look into. to further simulate the whole "you are investigating this" a clue system would be awesome! You could implement either of these, a mixture or neither, I just think it would enrich the game or others like it. The first is the easiest but also kinda bland. In the text, for can look at certain parts could be highlighted or a different color. If you click on those you can gather that info. Once you have 2 or 3 related info parts you could unlock a new section of info. So on and so forth. The second would be harder to do but be more interactive. You could have 4 highlighter colors. red= murder green=acdent blue=suicide yellow=other info. Every word you highlight would be added to a list that could be used in a fake browser thing. You could add different keywords together to find websites, files, and other evidence. Some of it could be relevant, others not. At the home selection screen, there would be a file report option. It could show you how much of each evidence color you have gathered. Then you would pick what you think happened. There could be corresponding endings to each option.

Still this was a great game, I loved it! Keep up the great work, as you have a new follower! :D

ima tell u what i thnk happend tho :)c
i think that she was a happy kid, started dating her boyfriend who might be a bit messed up. he thought she was making to many friends and was terrified to lose her so he cut her off and started isolating her, making her depressed. she asked him for help and he got her pills, but the pills actually sedated her, another ploy to keep her with him. eventually she figured it out and was trying to figura a way out, when he came to visit her at work, she wasn't in so he went to her fav place, she confronted him angry about the lies and manipulation. he got angry and started yelling, she was scared and started to back away, she slipped into a puddle and fell over the edge. so my final verdict issss

the boyfriend committed voluntary manslaughter, as well as continued harassment and stalking charges towards Lisa.

hope im close uwu

This game is just EPIC, the game make me enter to the person or like a detective, asks me about "what happened?" is really great the game and the background music is good, make you think only bad thing of maybe what happened to her, is simple and that's why is good, I just can say: Bravo-! This is an artwork.
About my thinking is: maybe the depression attacked before of stay at the work, no is really what the depression attacked when she was at the school, was after when also she was with her boyfriend, maybe no of all the pills works to her "bopilarity", and was the first drugs what her consume, at the work meybe she was stalked for that anonymous man, or maybe one person who he sell her drugs; maybe the drugs was the limit to break her mind to want suicide, the weather was other thing what she wants to die, he has many regrets maybe.
Thinking well, maybe was after school.
I repeat again, this is an artwork, great work. Oh! and is a good massage about the persons who suffer depression ',:/

denwin responds:

thanks. I'm glad you liked my game. I apologize for the English in the game, as I'm from Russia and just started learning English. Thank you for such a detailed review, your words motivate me to continue making games and not give up.

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2020
9:55 AM EDT