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5+ 5 Points

Complete 5th wave

Go! 5 Points

Complete 10 runs (win or lose)

Rich 5 Points

Collect 1000 gold.

The battle begins 5 Points

Defeat 50 Orks

You are famous (or not, you are not famous). 5 Points

Get some fame.

You are under arrest. 5 Points

Arrest someone.

Arising hero 10 Points

Reach the first hero level.

Beekeeper 10 Points

Collect 100 honey.

Bronze 10 Points

Complete 30th wave

Jeweler 10 Points

Collect 10 (or more) rubies in your inventory

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 10 Points

Collect 300 (or more) emeralds in your inventory

You are famous (for now, yes). 10 Points

Reach Fame Level 11.

Brilliant 25 Points

Collect 100 (or more) diamonds in your inventory

Take one prisoner 25 Points

Or not just one. Take 1001 orks prisoner. Or more.

Champion 50 Points

Reach hero level 80

Gold 50 Points

Reach 10th ascent

Restorer 50 Points

Upgrade the Ancient Tower to level 50.

Silver 50 Points

Complete 100th wave

You are famous (a living legend) 50 Points

Reach Fame Level 111.

Ruby Gold 100 Points

Complete 200th wave

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

The experimental tower defense game with roguelite-like elements, boxes, grinding, farming, semi-idling (in later stages), endless mode, opening upgrades, tons of orks, bees, physics, collecting items and other mishmash. To save progress, generate game key after playing.


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kinda boring. there isn't much you can do. maybe it gets better, but I don't feel like waiting forever for the game to become interesting. It's also very un-intuitive

Great game. It takes some time to get going but it gets pretty good once you start gathering steam. That being said, I wish their was more info some of the elements not directly involved with gameplay, like Fame or Inspiration. I kinda have to guess on how to gain them or what they are for.

I've really enjoyed this game, still working through it. I like the systems currently there and the gameplay is repetitive but it allows the player to feel relaxed all the way through. I've sunk a lot of hours into this game. This game still has a few possible issues which include being a little hard to work out what to do in the beginning stages. I also think some kind of low-fi backing track would help immerse the player into spending more and more time in the game. overall, quite fun and I'm looking forward to seeing how far you take this.



Kutejnikov responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Perhaps it's wrong, but I do not plan to add sfx and music to this game (now I am completely concentrating on the gameplay).
"little hard to work out what to do in the beginning stages" - yes, there is such a problem. After version 1.0 I'll think about how to make it clearer and more accessible. Now the mechanics can still change. I plan to remove "all-in-one" box and add something new.

infinite loading and never progresses after a certain point is reached

Kutejnikov responds:

The server has problems (or your browser). The game is only 10 MB. Clear cache.

Decent amount of fun with a good feedback loop, but the perks don't feel very customizable. It feels like a lot of the improvements are linear despite the trees, perhaps adding more variety and flexibility to the paths could increase the replayability factor and the motivation to progress?

Kutejnikov responds:

Yes, I am thinking about how to improve variability and flexibility. For now, I am just adding new trees. And new tower coming soon.