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Marcus Peblo 2!

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Peblo is back in his dramatic role as the wild bed jumping baby!

The key explains, but will "they" let Marcus understand? The revelations continue....


These make NO sense.

They're glorified acid-trips.

They make no sense, and the only reason they're worth watching (if even worth it at all), are for the blur effects, as it says on the series' main page.

I'm not even going to bother seeing where this goes; in two episodes, it hasn't even developed a premise beyond; "do drugs, watch flash."

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it was ok

I liked that animation but that was about it, I was so confused.


Not much to say about this one...repetitive with not much effort put into this one

Second rate drivel

While I agree that effort was put into this, I think we can all concur that it was completely wasted. While not THE stupidest thing i've ever seen, it comes close. This is the sort of thing that is enjoyed by those who consider a man vomiting paint on a canvas to be art. For all the Jackson Pollack lovers out there, this is your movie. However, if the world generally makes sense to you, you may want to try something of higher quality with more reality and fewer illegal drugs. Given the obvious though misguided effort that was invested into this travesty of art, I will spare you the complete zero. You should try your skills at a more realistic level, you have talent.

ok i am beginning to see the plot.

it seems that someone is imprisoned and he must take the key and go rescue them.

can't wait to see more.

it's very cute and i love the graphics.

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3.85 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2000
1:38 AM EST
  • Daily Feature November 11, 2000