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Grab The Crown

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Author Comments

Grab The Crown Hidden In An Old Crumbling Castle

Originally made for the Miz Jam Game Jam this is an updated version made after the 48 hour time limit.

Source Code at https://github.com/Zoey-21/Grab_the_Crown‚Äč

There are four different endings in this game below are the ways to get them

Any% - just beat the game

100% - beat the game with everything

Low% - beat the game with the minimum required

Speed - beat the game in 7 mins

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Great game! Very good addition to the metroidvania universe. The half star is for a little lack of polish. The entire game did exactly what it was supposed to do, but the enemies and world were just a little bland. Controls, difficulty, and map were all very on point though. Fun to play through.

Thank you for making it!

Fun glitch - after you get the climbing gloves you can go back to the start, climb over the trees and fall off the edge of the world.

I really enjoyed this game. I finished the game, got lots of good gub and had lots of fun exploring. There were a few weird glitches like when I wall climbed and landed in a big purple area with some jump steps but seemingly with no other purpose. I liked exploring the left area, lit with candles. Really enjoyed how the game opened up with new areas becoming visible with each jump. The final climb to the top to obtain the crown was difficult, but entirely doable. Thank you for this fun metroidvania game. Nicely done. :)

I got all endings except for the speedrun one. One time I beat the game only having the climbing gloves, hand grenade and normal gun and I got the Any% ending, but then I realised I could also skip over the gun, so I got the Low% ending. The 100% ending was the first one I got. The game has lot of glitches, like pushing yourself out of bounds with a bat, getting stuck in 1 block gaps and hopping on the ground randomly with the climbing gloves equipped. Please try to fix them.

As a game jam game aiming to be a metroidvania within the 48 hour constraint, good job. But I do feel that iframes for enemy damage would have been a more fair addition to new players. I also noticed a minor audio bug where the steps sound effect kept playing when both left and right are held, making the player not move.

That's the big thing with this game. It's very unrefinded. While endings and abilities are great things that were done with this game given the scope it had to work with, they don't amount to something truly compelling without the stakes of the game design matching the quality of the ideas this game has with abilites and endings. Enemies are very basic and taking the time to give them some form of more advanced AI, even something as simple as locking onto the player and shooting bullets and chasing them will help make using the gun and climing claws a lot more intersting.

Overall, this game amounts to being average. It could really be elevated with improvements from the addition of backgrounds layers rather than a solid color, enemies with a little bit more going on with their attacks and getting hit not almost insta killing the player via adding player iframes.

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2020
12:32 PM EDT
  • Godot Engine
  • BFXR