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Anon Goes to McDonalds - /b/ - 4chan Greentext

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The following video is based on a Greentext story posted on September 2nd 2012 by an Anonymous 4chan user to the /b/ - Random board. Anon goes to Mcdonalds only to discover a 9/10 worker is interested in him. He goes home with her and the rest is history.



Screenshot Image:


Inspired by Animators: Zeeeko, Oneyng, Psychicpebbles, Rice Pirate, Michael Cusack, Gonzossm, SpeedoSausage and Flasgitz.

?️more trash content:


Original Greentext:

go to mcdonalds.

go up to the counter and order shit load of food (Fucking hungry).

girl behind the counter, 9 out of 10.

joking flirt with her saying how she's too pretty to work here.

she's buying it dot Jay peg.

have to go sit down, holding up the line.

she comes over to clean my table and we continue talking.

oh Anon, you're so funny.

asks me what i'm doing later.

can't think of what to say heart beating hard, so just say nothing.

asks me if i'd like to hang out with her after she gets off work.

i come back later to meet her.

we go to her house (she needed to change, still in her mcdonalds uniform).

see triple monitor setup.

all of my whats.

ask if she plays pc games.

she proceeds to tell me about her favourite games.

spaghetti slowly dripping out of my pockets.

ask me if i'd rather play games with her instead of going out.

we proceed to play games all night before i notice its 3 A M.

say i've got to go home, it's late.

as i'm leaving she stops me and asks if i want to stay the night.

hard pounding harder than last time.

i stutter "wu wu where would i sleep?".

says her bed.

oh fuck dot Jay peg.

dick nearly bulging through my jeans.

we proceed to cuddle then i make my move.

all goes well.

we fuck for 40 minutes.

best sex of my life.

we cuddle again and start to go to sleep.

as I'm laying there she whispers into my ear "Anon, you have such a great dick".

i reply, "you too".

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wasnt expecting that but okay