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Projeto RJ - Car update

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Thanks for trying this web build!

Here you can test the mechanics and aspect of the game. If you really like or hate the quality in here, download the desktop version for better results .Hope you enjoy :D

Patreon for more info and desktop build:


List of commands:

Tab - for Slow motion

Scroll - Press scroll to change camera side and roll to use sniper zoom

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 - Weapon navigation

c - crouch

e - pick weapons ,open doors and drive cars(some doors can be used in game but you have to try finding them, will be random in final game)

wasd - move

space - jump

escape - cheat codes and restart

[Car Commands]

q - Nitro dash

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Whacky mouse movement, impossible to return fire at enemies sometimes. Not a bad little shooter though. Cheat options don't do anything. Also the mouse pointer vanishes off the screen making it near impossible to shoot at things.

JoaoPiskDev responds:

Thanks for your feedback! I will improve the mouse movement on the next update.
I completely forgot to disable the zombies options(from an older project). i will also check for issues on the other options . See you in the next update :D

Joao, great start! But there are a couple things I noticed could use some improvement. You need to lock the mouse to the game, there were times I need to look further but the mouse was stuckat the edge of the screen. Second, the sights don't move very smoothly, and makes it difficult, or sometimes impossible, to get a good aim.

Looking forward to more updates

JoaoPiskDev responds:

thanks for the feedback . I will check the aim system for better results . See you next week and thanks for the review

its a work in progress but kind of interesting

JoaoPiskDev responds:

Thanks for the positive comment :D Next week there is more features comming :D

The game works but is wonky enough as to be surreal. Also, water is solid? Cool concept but I'm not sure what to do.

JoaoPiskDev responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Some issues are related to the web build like windows glitches and framerate. Please try the desktop build for better quality. Its free

It's... okay.
Needs a lot of performance improvements to be actually playable

JoaoPiskDev responds:

Hello Keffry thanks for the feedback :D. I will check for perfomance issues on this version

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2020
3:55 PM EDT