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Tanks Defense!

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Author Comments

Can you beat my high score? It is 1288

I'm making this game for 'The Fresh Game Jam' originally I was going to make something more complicated, but I don't think I can complete it within the given 1 month time period so I am working on this instead. This is just an early alpha of the Tank Defense game. I plan on replacing the art over the course of this 1 month game jam, adding music, and more! Below are the credits. Yes I am a beginner.



The theme is Survival and as the tagline says "Survive as long as you can!". Basically the goal of the game is to survive as long as you can against the endless waves of enemy tanks. The enemies won't fire on you because they're out of ammo. Well that's the story at least. The enemies will spawn in moving slow, about 25 pixels per second. And every time you destroy an enemy tank their speed will increase by 1 pixel per second. Here is the story of how you ended up in this situation:

You are a tank commander from the future, during a raid on a hostile base a teleporter machine inside was shot by a stray cannon shell while it was on. The enemies were trying to revert time to stop the raid! Although because of the machine being badly damaged it malfunctioned and sent you back to 1948 in a Soviet Arctic Base. The Soviets immediately begin to 'counter attack' you, they saw the American Flag and assumed you were up to no good. And quite frankly its you or them. The Soviets had a tank factory up here and have tonnes of new KV-1's! Some factories are farther away allowing the tanks to build up speed. Although they are out of ammo, unlike you. You have ammo, but they don't. So their solution is to just RAM your TANK! Your tank was immobilize. You must defend as long as you can!


I used a tutorial from GDevelop's website to get started. Then I added on the template and I plan on replacing a lot of things.

Be sure to visit the Itch.io Page for the most recent updates!

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I got like 1077 score lol (also great game)

jShumway19 responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


jShumway19 responds:


pretty good game, 5 stars

jShumway19 responds:

Awesome thanks!

“There’s a lily pad in a pond. The lily pad doubles in size every day and after 30 days it completely covers the pond. On what day does the lily pad cover half the pond?”

This game is about exponential growth, and while it doesn’t exactly double, the result is the same: a very slow start, a slow middle, and a very quick ending. That means a lot of people will give up on it pretty quick, and they’re probably right as the ratio of boring to exciting is definitely skewed in the former favour by quite a bit.

But that ending…

jShumway19 responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, I plan on updating it soon. All feedback is gladly appreciated. And your comment is very poetic. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks again for playing the game. By the way, you're entirely correct. The game is about exponential growth. In a way, at least.

It's weirdly great!
At first it felt very repetitive, especially when the firerate reaches 0.2, but the more extra stuff appeared then more chaotic and fun it was! I reached the score of 1264 and it was simply mesmerizing to see everything exploding, but at the same time everything coming at you.

My single, loneliest, smallest complain is that the player's tank graphics doesn't really match with anything, it'd be nice for it to match the envoirement and enemies, either by making everything else vector design, or by changing the player to a low resolution png :)

jShumway19 responds:

Thanks for playing! Sadly I'm not that good with art so the tank may stay the same until I can find an artist, although I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I plan on making more updates in the future if I can develop better art I'll be sure to add it to the game. Thanks again for playing this game :D

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2020
5:44 PM EDT
  • Paint.net
  • Bosca Ceoil
  • GDevelop 5