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Super Mario 64 Ending Redone

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Just made this in about 2 and a half days on-and-off because let's be fair and reasonable everyone's been making this joke long enough.

Also not all of the art is mine, some of it is just cleaned up versions of Spazkid's from an episode of Slightly Artistic:https://twitter.com/Spazkidin3d/status/1270856166634029057 credit to him for those keyframes and poses: https://www.spazkid.newgrounds.com

Full version of Let's Get It On with Super Mario 64 soundfonts here for anyone that wants that for some reason: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mScMsgPFHhSBNSFPrxLtba-fIUtctNP-/view

The end.

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LOL finaly mario have his reward xD