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Wacky Wacky 7 (preview)

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Hey Hey Hey! Look at that, we got 6th! Thank you for watching.

Other people that helped with this cartoon:

Co-Writer: @Marakai

Voice Actress: Little Nii

Voice Actress: Yenni Ann

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i love Waku Waku 7

i really love this animation


complete or not the voice acting an animation works so well. good job!

This was a fun ride! I hope you come back to this again some day, it's nice seeing Sunsoft representation and Waku Waku 7 in particular.

KOLANI responds:

We've already got the audio in place! And we've got a good bit of it animated, so we're definitely going to be coming back to this soon enough. But we're gonna take our time to rest up and make this the best it can be! Congrats on first place btw!!!

This looks already awesome and is so entertaining. Great work guys!