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Rabbit Wars (NeoGeoJam)

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I am a beginning animator who is new to the whole genre and I wanted to test my skills for this specific jam. I will admit that I had to rush the project to meet the deadline in the last week as I may have taken on too large of a scope of a project to make in only 2 weeks. Any constructive criticism is welcome as I really do want to improve my current skill level and deliver high quality content in the near future.

The game is called Bang Bang Busters which released on the NeoGeo as a third party game.

I myself liked the fact I got to animate rabbits and I thought it would be comical to see other

rabbit universes cross over like Klonoa and Yin Yang Yo.

Any comments are appreciated and thanks to NewGrounds for hosting the animation jam!

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voice acting actually good, i hope improve your animation skill

I say this animation looks absolutely incredible! I'm loving it!

KoopaSakiYT64 responds:

Thanks for your feedback man. I will do my best to keep on improving my drawing skills so I can animate like those I admire!

this cartoon made laugh a whole lot more than i expected very solid jokes, i absolutely loved the voice acting and it made me happy to see ying yang yo and klonoa even if it was for just a joke, this was very cute, the animation could be better but you're just starting up so thats understandable, you did a lot with what you could especially with something as big as this, just keep studying and practicing animation if its something you wanna keep doing

KoopaSakiYT64 responds:

Appreciate the support man. Thanks for the feedback.

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3.19 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2020
1:31 AM EDT