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Madness Siryn Experiment

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I've been doing animation for a while.

I don't know if it's good What else should I fix?

Can you help me

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Ow he deaded

Well, The movements arefin and the layout and design of the rooms is good.
I see the most lack in the audio. low quality, repeating sounds, no backgroud noise or music.

I know that this was a little clip/test and it really looks great in my opinion

This is pretty good
Just look at other animations and see what you're missing
And then just animate, that way you'll improve I guess

It's alright.
The jumping backflip and catching a gun midair seems too flashy in the beginning, so I suggest "Siryn" checks rounds in the magazine or practices aiming to show she's prepared. The guy with a hammer didn't look like he was smashed hard into the ground that he died, which means his head should move faster to the ground or there are cracks where his head is. I dislike that the protagonist has disconnected feet from her body, but it's acceptable. I don't like that there is no resolution other than it ending when Siryn's shot dead by an enemy she could kill, but that's fine.
Slow motion is good. Movement and weapon recoil appear controlled, sometimes a little slow when it should be fast, but still good for the action. The big guy is eyecatching and presents a worthy challenge. Maybe you can include more bullet grazes or bullet avoiding that force "Siryn" to move. The amount of time words appear for people speaking is better used than most sequences I've seen, as the shortest sentences tend to be seen too long. If anyone else complains, the dialog used could be given an extra half second on screen.
I might get back to you on a formula for calculating this stuff.
I would suggest something about the sound effects being a little flat, but I think other people have a better grasp about that than I do, so listen for them.

PromPiRiYa responds:

I understand you, but I am not referring to Siryn's death, but I intend for Siryn to survive. I have disconnected my feet from the body because I want her to stand out. If the feet are connected to the body I think her height is as short as a man And then I put her feet in direction. I like this because I want it to be realistic, such as the head hit the ground and then fell asleep, the hammer hit the leg and then fell, then fell from a height.
Broken bones, like this. If anything, you can ask. I listen to you.

Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2020
9:01 AM EDT

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