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Lustbound X-ray Prototype

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We're super excited to show off our naughty little (WIP) prototype for the new X-ray feature from our upcoming game Lustbound!

Of course in the actual game all of these controls will be hidden from the player, and made to automatically follow the onscreen sex; so don't worry if they seem confusing. They are there for testing purposes only.

If the game doesn't run well in your browser, please try pressing the gear icon in the top right to turn down the quality settings.

Find out more on Patreon or our Blog!

P.S. Please forgive Robo’s programmer art, it’ll look a whole lot sexier when we have finalized art for the cock, as well as the internal vaginal, anal and throat cutaways!

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it isint loading

Holy shit..! This is something else! I honestly wish that this has a few more options with it but this is amazing none the less! There should be more partner options for this personally(E.G. The partner able to bob up and down or something, I don't know really). How much will this be updated/worked on though? I am super curious on that.

I really wish there was cumming. I don't remember getting hard from a game

Lol, this is hilarious, watching the balls flop around as the dick pistons in out at max depth and speed around harsh curves. I like how much customization there is, its excessive to the point of comical. Also the way the slider bar on the depth meter works is a fantastic little piece of interface

Seeing some really nice potential here. Good stuff.