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Path Maker

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001 5 Points

Complete level 1

002 5 Points

Complete level 2

003 5 Points

Complete level 3

004 5 Points

Complete level 4

005 5 Points

Complete level 5

006 5 Points

Complete level 6

007 5 Points

Complete level 7

008 5 Points

Complete level 8

009 10 Points

Complete level 9

010 10 Points

Complete level 10

011 10 Points

Complete level 11

012 10 Points

Complete level 12

013 10 Points

Complete level 13

014 10 Points

Complete level 14

015 25 Points

Complete level 15

016 25 Points

Complete level 16

017 25 Points

Complete level 17

018 25 Points

Complete level 18

019 25 Points

Complete level 19

020 25 Points

Complete level 20

021 50 Points

Complete level 21

022 50 Points

Complete level 22

023 50 Points

Complete level 23

024 100 Points

Complete level 24

Author Comments

Use the mouse to place objects from the top hud in the level.

Use wasd or arrows to move the character to the star.

Recheck for eligible medals by clicking recheck medals button in settings menu, in the level select screen, refresh game page first.

update: game not slippery anymore, later levels are made more easier.

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lvl 20 bit buggy, the red cube wont as smoothly slide over placed pink blocks as expected.
lvl 23 is an extreme jump in difficulcy compared to the previous levels. I like that level a lot, but there should be something shorter before that (I used only green blocks there btw, thought I might need the others but didn't - challenge to my fellow gamers :) ).

Add a second run with less blocks. I didn't need to use ~30% of them during almost all later levels.

The green blocks are a bit annoying. Make four of them, one for each direction at game start and let them reset to that direction once you respawn. Same for the tnt timer. This will allow us to race against the clock in later versions.

I agree to @JamAttackMusic s comment below to keep a selected block selected after death - unless you want to make a (very) hard mode where all blocks are reset on death.

Glitched out on lvl 21, when i get big i cant jump

Couldn't find Paths, so I Made my own!

This damn game is flawless!
The mechanics are fun, the difficulty curve is also nice, and I also like how some blocks end getting new uses. For instance, the TNT block: it's used for breaking walls, also harm the player, and keep exploding forever. Later in the game, the block is used as platform, but the player can't stand in it forever due to the same perpetual exploding. Genius!

If you saved the players' data in PlayerPrefs and then had everyone lose their data when the update to reduce slipperiness was posted then you should read this to make that not happen for future Unity games

Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2020
11:16 PM EDT

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