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Beneath the Branches - demo

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Author Comments

**UPDATE** WASD now supported for movement

I highly recommend playing fullscreen (Click on game window and press f11 to toggle)

Medals are currently bugged, working on this but the standard c2 plugin seems to be having issues.

There is a little easter egg hiding in the bridge area, just a tip :)

There are ancient places with ancient secrets

Venture into the forbidden forest, seek the King beneath the branches and uncover unknowable truths and unspeakable horrors. Always beware the eyes that always watch or you will surely be lost among the trees forever.


Arrow Keys to move and space to interact


There are some high res images in this game, users on lower end or older hardware might have issues :(

Game by Ben Leggett

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i would love to play the full game

its a great game until i got to the girl on the bridge she blocks your way to an annoying degree you need to make her hit box better otherwise its almost impossible to get past her i got to the end of the water bridge 3 times now and she blocks my way every time making it impossible for me to complete the bit

Primajin responds:

Ah thanks although it does sound like maybe you aren't approaching it correctly, she is certainly not impossible, once you figure out her mechanic it's easy to plant her wherever you want, even over the water for example.

Bro i love this game to death. Cant wait for the full thing/ and i loved the bridge boss fight. It took me awhile to realize the whole theme of the game (which is the eye) is the key to beating the ghost. I love that! Ill be following so i can finish this bad boy 10/10 would recommend

Primajin responds:

Thanks man, yeah that's basically it in a nutshell haha, I'm glad people got what I was going for (although there is of course much more to the story that isn't in this demo). Still working away but hopefully the full game will be this year :).

loved this game. unique and difficult which makes you think about how to handle the levels differently. can't wait for the real deal when it comes out :) good job

Not too shabby! Game certainly had some spooky atmosphere built-up with the unique hand-drawn art style, and it had some really interesting events to get through like the water girl boss fight, reminiscent of the Faith boss fight. One part that I think needs a lot of work is the sound-design, which I think is critical to getting people immersed into a horror atmosphere. I think it could use a lot more atmospheric sounds in general, and I feel like the sounds used for the wooden bridge creaking and the water girl splashing needs big help: they were clearly just the creaking of a bed frame and the splashing of a bath tub: really took me outta the experience, they need to be a lot of swampy and spooky. It also had some other parts that kinda took me outta the experience, like how the water girl boss fight was a bit too hard and clunky when transitioning between screens (leading to too many retries which dulls the threat of death) and some of the art being too repetitive. Still, not a bad start as it has some pretty memorable moments, so looking forward to more!