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Area 51 Weeb Defense 1.11

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Author Comments

An updated version of the original Area 51 Weeb Defense.

Now featuring:

  • A brief story synopsis at the beginning
  • New Title Menu
  • Audio controls for music and sfx
  • A new enemy type added
  • New and better animations for enemies
  • New designs for the turrets
  • An Easy difficulty setting
  • 2 Ending scenarios
  • Recent patch adds a more fair difficulty balance and minor bug fixes.

'Escape' key - Returns to Main Menu

'P' Key - Pause and Un-pause

'M' Key - Brings up the volume controls in game

'Enter' Key - Skips countdown / Dialogue

Clicking / Tapping on Alex - Skips countdown / Dialogue

Note: Bugs may be present, an un-killable enemy MIGHT appear and won't die until the game is over. It won't affect gameplay too much but it will most likely be annoying

The true sequel to Area 51Weeb Defense is out now on itch.io courtesy of our publisher Feenx Games, play it here now!


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is there an end at all and its borring (edit) extra star becuse there is an end and i can finish it butits still repetive and boring

GhostDataMedia responds:

I apologize for easy mode not being easy enough for everyone, the game ends after 10 waves and if this was a bit slow paced for you perhaps you'd like the sequel here a bit more? You can check it out here: https://t.co/4EE1JpSQtv?amp=1

Decent, I like the concept very much, little dark, but come on dark humor is hilarious. Anyway, I like the art, a little crude, but it serves its purpose. Music is suitable, and sound effects works. Though it lacks a bit of variety, more ways to tackle the weebs would make this a replayable game, but as it is, it serves a few minutes of boredom. It's fun, but not replayable, that's good or bad, it's for you to decide.

A fun game, but it needs some polishing. I like the towers/defense, but there needs to be more. Also just as a little bonus I'd like to see customization for the waifu distraction lol

GhostDataMedia responds:

The sequel will be worth looking forward to on September 20th, 2020. I plan on adding all of this and some ;)

Can't spoil it now but if you liked this you're gonna love what I have in store!

1/2 a star because it's nearly unplayable.

GhostDataMedia responds:

Your the first person who has told me the game was "unplayable" would you care to elaborate? I want to get as much feedback as possible for the sequel.

P.S. I did just patch the game for difficulty balance and bug fixes so if you don't mind giving the game another try later and consider giving it another in review that would be greatly appreciated!

4 stars for the meme

GhostDataMedia responds:

There's a lot more to come in the sequel!