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Naughty Fairies - Final

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Naughty Fairies - PC

Naughty Fairies - MAC

Flash is gone :( but you can download and play the game via the links above ;)

PS if the download doesn't start it might be Chrome blocking you. Open the link in a new window or try another browser.

This final version sees the addition of a massive cumshot that will vary in effect depending on which fairies are toggled on and that comes with a new set of sound effects. The 5th Fairy has now been unlocked for everyone and additionally, as a Patron only option, we have introduced a new idea never featured before, a slow motion function. This will allow players to view the cumshot in detail, frame by frame.

We have also included squirting animations for the fairies which will mess up not only Lust's dick but also each other as they will squirt on one another while they rub themselves.

Each fairy has a total of 4 unique squirting animations which will cycle based on a small control code that checks the movement of each fairy.

Enjoy ;)

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One of my favorite fetishes. How'd you know?


Hey slaudfingers,
thanks for the awesome rating.
Well we try and do a lot of different stuff, try new things etc Some love it and some hate it.
Eventually we get lucky and we land on someone's favorite I guess.
Glad you liked this scene of ours.
You should also check out the Fairy Pond scene we made as it is similar in it's concept. It is part of our main game The Legend of LUST for which we are releasing a new update in about 12 hours or so.
Cheers ;)

Well nothing bad here but i don't know, just not turn me on sooo much this one but it happens, cannot love 100% of the content kkkk, but everything is solid and i don't see any bug soo good job guys! >)


Thank you fertyu, appreciate the review ;)



Thanks for checking out our work ;)

5 star to offset that one dipshit who doesn't know how flash works


Many thanks for the 5 stars SpeckleDeckle. I appreciate the gesture ^^

That cum scene is so hot


Thank you E-Biscuit! Much appreciated ^^