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The Secret of Dr. Mario

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Yes, Dr. Mario does have SKELETONS in the closet. Learn what they are!!

Movie was corrupted (too much pills)

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So, the good Dr. Mario is secretly popping his own pills? That’s really messed up. Since we’re on the topic of drugs it reminds me how in Dr. Mario 64 Wario wants to steal Dr. Mario’s Megavitamins so he can sell the pills and get rich. Technically that makes Wario a drug dealer in a kid’s game. The animation is really good and the video also teaches a good message, winners don’t do drugs!



Didn't you learn anything from Scarface? NEVER GET HIGH OF YOUR OWN SUPPLY!!!!!

Your actually right my friend my I do have SKELETONS in the closet.Thanks for showing this and keep up the good work....From your truly Dr.Mario

The rating was M, you chose to watch it, don't come here and Complain like the little brat you are.
very uh, weird to watch, but funny nevertheless.