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Click or Space - Turn a page (I added space key. I appreciate your advice.)

R - Make a decision again



Thank you for keeping me company with my poor English. If there is a mistake in my sentence, I would be happy to point out. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

This is my first game, and I would like to dedicate this to my dear Snake-Studios in Austria. I learned viel viel Technik from him/them. I really appreciate it.

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Really beautiful artwork, but boner-murdering writing, no matter which choice you take. Even if you're willing to accept the super-far-fetched scenarios, the dialogue is gruesomely dragged along with the plot. And in a game that short, that's a really bad sign. With a few twists though, this could be awesome! For starters, the characters could be a bit more empathic with each other.

Precipitation24 responds:

Thank you for your advice.
I am well aware of it. I am not so good at English and scenario writing. Especially, if my ability has a bad influence on “fappability” of my NSFW work, it is a big problem. In pornography, nothing is more important than fappability.
Next time, I will be back with a more edible and fappable work. So please wait until then.

A true Yandere Simulator.

Precipitation24 responds:

Thank you!!

The art its my favorite old comic book style its fabulous!! Thanks anyway

Precipitation24 responds:

Thank you!!

why my mother's name tho :c

Precipitation24 responds:

Thank you!!
Don't worry. As it happens, my cousin's name also appears in the game. XD

Thanks for the fun game, It felt a bit short but it shows promise for what you can do in the future. :) I think it'll help to make the game more enjoyable if there is more user choice in how the relationship or the night progresses.

Additionally I think the game might need some background music during the main part of the game since it is a little jarring to go from the main menu theme to silence. A soft backing track should work.

I hope you continue the good work in the future,



Precipitation24 responds:

Thank you!!
I hope the next one is going to be fantastic!