Rainy Day!

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Clock Day 2020 has finally arrived!

Today we take a trip back to when a young lad was going to submit a flash animation...but it started to rain. What will he do?

I wanted to try something different with this one, so I hope you enjoy this Clock Day short!

Music by Zerks: https://twitter.com/Zerkanators

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I find this to be quite overrated. Not sure if its because its a special occasion but whatever.
Good job still!

oh my god, this is... absolutely fantastic, pin!
what a great movie!

as always, your animation speed, pacing and style is flawless, while the smooth animation's movement makes this movie very pleasing to the eye, along with the very nicely drawn characters, and the thick, clean lines (linework) in them, along with the beautifully drawn backgrounds.

i love how you tried something different in there, and you've added BB10 as a clockless guy, with eyes and a mouth, and you've made him ADORABLE!
i am so impressed and happy by how nicely you've incorporated such a unique and different style for my character, and its truly refreshing to see a well-known character in such a new (and cute) light!

as for the story, its touching, happy and beautiful.
i like how young BB10 makes a movie with stickmen who are sword fighting (good call), and that he is ready to go submit his movie on NG, but sadly, its raining outside!
i loved that the rain drops were shaped like red B's, and how nicely synced the rain sequence was with the music.
(speaking of the music, it was cheerful, vibrant and emotional, so that was great too.)

and i absolutely loved how this story about BB10 avoiding the sudden ''B'' rain shaped up nicely into a ''origins story'' for BB10-clock's birth and first steps in the CC.
the movie's +BB10's transformation scene, and the final scene at the CC's garden was truly beautiful, poetic and very touching.
it made me to smile and to tear up a bit.
it was that beautiful.

i couldn't be happier with seeing such a great movie this clockday, so thanks alot for doing such a great movie, and with a cameo of my clock no less...
thank you, and keep making epic movies, my friend!

happy clockday!

PinClock responds:

Thank you so much, BB10!

Awesome! Love the stick figure sword fight

PinClock responds:

The stick figure fight is cool and kawaii

Really pleasant, reminded me of those old Polish mole cartoons

This was wonderful! Great job!