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Destroy Everthing! (3D GAME)

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Not bad

"3 Weird Games" video worthy.

why your 3d Minecraft Remake Game got removed?

3DGameDev responds:

I have no idea :(

Although destructive environments may be fun, I believe this game could do with a bit more variation. All the player could destroy is the same types of walls and barriers. I think you could make structures or something that looks like a structure from the walls in the game, then there would be more satisfaction in destroying that structure. There's also some SWAT at the center but they where nothing more but cannon fodder. The SWAT also stand in place when you shoot them, maybe allow the player to displace them rather than just having them ragdoll and still remain standing.

As with destructive games, resources and performance can be an issue. When I destroyed like 90% of destructible objects in the game, I hit a big dip in performance and things weren't working like they're supposed to (like I can walk through the indestructible wall). Maybe have some pieces despawn after being destroyed (like if something breaks into 3 pieces, 1 piece will despawn) to help save on resources. Also being too close to the wall allows the player to shoot through the wall.

This was still fun to play around with and destroy things, but I wish there was more in it.

Also I don't think the coins were necessary in this game, collecting them didn't do anything. If you want to make a destructive sandbox then stuff like coins aren't really necessary to have unless they do something or go towards an objective. Sometimes it's nice to just let the player roam around and destroy without being bogged down by miscellaneous things like coin collecting.

3DGameDev responds:

That was a long line! i will make a better version of this next time! Also,thanks for advice me to not put coins inside the game!:)

Credits & Info

2.48 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2020
9:51 PM EDT