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Curly Brace: Hacked 3 - FULL RELEASE

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Quote goes to investigate the Wind Fortress, only to be ambushed by a bunch of Curly Clones.

Voice acting: https://twitter.com/cottontailva

Audio Design: https://twitter.com/gbstrelok

This is the FULL animation! If you saw the previous one, it was only half of it. This one has 3 more scenes as well as an intro / outro!

You can also see episode 2 here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/728454

If you want to get your name in credits, early access to my art and animations, or just want to support my work, you can support me at:





The production of this has been fairly tumultuous. I wanted to do multiple scenes and angles, instead of keeping it on a single angle like before, but I wasn't smart with my workflow and this wound up being a huge amount of excess work. (Don't cut corners, folks.) So then the plan was basically to make it a series of essentially gifs-with-sound. Partway into production I kinda had a bad breakdown over fanart as well, which killed off a lot of motivation for this project and just flat-out made me not want to draw fanart of anything anymore.

Returning to the project, the plan at first was just to make it a series of gif loops with audio, no real story elements. Eventually I pushed myself to add a little bit more, with things like the intro / outro, as well as a few small animation things.

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lol mf has no dick

I just need to ask this Zedrin, and I am being slightly serious on this. HOW THE HELL DO YOU MAKE CURLY BRACE SO CUTE IN THESE TYPES OF VIDEOS?! Honestly, the way you bring the HACKED series on Curly Brace is fucking cute and kinda hot. I really hope you can do another thing like this in the future, because I really like how you did this one, with the whole Gangbang prospect and domming Quote. I love it a lot.

Damn that's crazy

this isnt free vbucks

I didn't mean to rate