Motherly Love [Goat Mom Toriel Handjob & Blowjob]

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"Don't worry my child. i will help you"

I haven't been doing full videos recently. thought i would cross good ol Toriel off my list.

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His bulb is tiny compared to the massive dick. D'ya think he stole it from somebody else and D.I.Why'd it onto him?

Yowzah, that kid grew up fast!

Great work

She need to blink man.

After all, good job

That was really cool. Good to see some 3D Toriel porn.

One thing, I'd say is not to move around small details like the pupils and mouth, if your going to loop the motion/animation. Things like that always look kinda strange when its looped. Or loop the main motion e.g handjob but make sure the eyes or mouth don't repeat the same motion over and over. And instead have them not move much or move seprately from the loop. uhh.. sry this is hard to explain.

I mean, if someone is sucking my dick its unliky they would repeat the exact same eye movement over and over again, you see what I mean? But the main motion of course would be the same.

ugh well there is my nitpicking.

RookieAnimator210 responds:

Yeah i was gonna put some more effort in...even do a cum scene but i lost interest quite quickly. i was going to do different eye movements but as stated before sloppiness invaded me and i just wanted to render at that point XD

i appreciate the feedback though! i don't get many well thought out responses mostly horny people or people that want to hate so its good to get some good nitpicking once and a while