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Short lazy comic: A date with Squidna

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Author Comments

Squidna is a Midna+Inkling fusion I drew for fun. I then made a few quick sketches with her, asked some Supporters for suggestions, and put together the results in flash so they were easier to view in order. You just click an option and go to the scene.

Most of it is just black and white, a few images were colored but overall this is just a quick test for some ideas I had.

It has been years since the last time I made a Flash thing, so there might be a few bugs.

Finish once to unlock Gallery mode, sadly there's no save function yet, so your progress will be lost once you close the window. It just takes a few minutes to complete anyway.

There's one image that's kinda "hidden", just an inside joke. hint: Look for a star and click it.

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10\10 short but very good hoping for more

I can't figure out the last page. This is pretty difficult for the last page. I got everything else and this is super good I really like it. High quality. 10/10 - IGN Big PP Galaxy Brain. 10/10 Best game, Best game. I fucking got the last page! Left eye was more than I was expecting looks super cool.

supersatanson responds:

haha very glad you found everything! can't wait to get some time to do a new game like this :D

Are you planning on making more comics like this? The idea is amazing and did very well.

supersatanson responds:

thanks! I really really want to do more of this, but have little time. Maybe for november

how can i do 13?

Wow! This is amazing! Every panel looks really good!

supersatanson responds:

thank you very much!